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Staff Professional Learning Request Form

This form has been an important development in our school's efforts to promote staff wellbeing and ensure equitable access to Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Following the recent wellbeing survey conducted, it has become evident that there is a need for a mechanism to provide all staff with the opportunity to request CPD from external providers.  This form has been designed to allow staff members to submit their requests for CPD. This will enable us to assess and approve CPD opportunities based on their relevance to individual needs and professional growth. It is important to note that only CPD activities that align with your current roles or responsibilities, the SDP targets, or your performance management targets will be considered for approval. This will ensure that the CPD opportunities you engage in are meaningful and contribute to your professional development in a way that aligns with the school's strategic goals. By facilitating fair access to CPD, we aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and support the personal and professional growth of all staff members.

As a staff member, you are required to complete the form and submit your request for CPD approval well in advance of the training taking place. Once submitted, please wait for conformation of your request, before booking onto the training.